Showcase Results 12/8/03

Preliminary results are in, and it appears Bananas has a solid lead in the the non-political category for the post Vegan Marshmellows Roasting Over an Open Fire. Meanwhile, on the political side, dangerous liberty has pulled ahead with Al Franken on Book TV.
And for alliances, the newly-formed Liberal Coalition comes out of the gate strong, leading the contest with 71.4 % participation.
Feedback/challenges/issues will be accepted until 5pm PST, after which time the results will be finalized and official winners announced. Click ‘More’ below for full results…
Update: OK folks, there were a few missed votes in the auto-scans, but even with those corrections, the outcomes do not change (I have adjusted all link counts and alliance stats below to match the final counts). So it’s official: congratulations to Ripe Bananas and dangerous liberty — and to the Liberal Coalition!

Ripe Bananas: Vegan Marshmellows Roasting Over an Open Fire
( 29 links)
Blown Fuse: Bestiality is a no-no.
( 23 links)
Seppo’s Provincial Postings: When John Denver Died
( 7 links)
dogtulosba, ink. – soapiate of the masses: Right Behind Me
( 4 links)
DizzyScorpio: Thanksgiving
( 3 links)
Times & Seasons: What Power?
( 1 links)…I put the BLAH in blogging!: The Season Begins
( 0 links)

dangerous liberty: Al Franken on Book TV
( 37 links)
Bark Bark Woof Woof: More on Moore, Who Is No More
( 29 links)
The Bully Pulpit: He Earned Citizenship
( 7 links) Rose Burawoy, Political Scientist
( 7 links)
Synthstuff: Protests in London
( 4 links)
Blood and Treasure: you’re nothing without me…
( 2 links)
Showcase Voting Participation
Alliance of Free Blogs: 53 of 101 = 52.5 % participation
Axis of Naughty: 1 of 22 = 4.5 % participation
League of Liberals: 12 of 45 = 26.7 % participation
Liberal Coalition: 16 of 21 = 76.2 % participation