Showcase Results 12/15/03

It’s Monday, and that means it’s !Show time.
In the non-political category, we seem to have a clear winner. the Shadow of Mt. Hollywood has a commanding lead with 13 votes for the post Cheating and the Academic Transaction.
In the political category, though, things are a tighter, but with an unfortunate twist. It’s Craptastic! leads with 45 links to the post What is the Point?, with Anti anti war close behind with 42 links for The War in Iraq will be a success.
But. As far as I can tell, Anti anti war did not cast any link-votes for any other contestants in the Showcase, thereby not living up to their obligation as a contestant. I e-mailed them — twice — on this issue over the weekend, but I now appear to be getting delivery failure messages to the address provided on their blog. But regardless: unless I am proven wrong and they did vote for other contestants, they are not eligible to win this week even if missed votes are found to raise their total above It’s Craptastic!. Sorry, but that’s the rules. (And if I’m just plain missing the votes they did cast, then my apologies!)
As for the alliance contest: the Alliance of Free Blogs put up a valiant fight and delivered 55.8 % participation, but the Liberal Coalition remains triumphant with 84.0 %.
Feedback, complaints, and issues accepted until 5pm today as always, after which final winners will be certified. Click more below for full results…
Update: It’s official. Congratulations to In the Shadow of Mt. Hollywood, It’s Craptastic!, and the Liberal Coalition for winning the week.

In the Shadow of Mt. Hollywood: Cheating and the Academic Transaction
( 13 links)
True Bits: In the beginning, there was darkness…
( 4 links)
Mozhet Beet: Table Of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad
( 2 links)
Pentdego: Pentdego
( 0 links)

It’s Craptastic!: What is the Point?
( 45 links)
Anti anti war: The War in Iraq will be a success
( 42 links)
Kick the Leftist: Big Corporate vs. 13 y/o girl
( 25 links)
HipperCritical: Israel\’s Sammy Davis Jr?
( 22 links)
Echidne of the snakes: Sigh
( 19 links)
Locke, or Demosthenes?: Iraq contracts
( 14 links)
Respectful of Otters: You didn’t really need those HIV drugs, did you?
( 13 links)
Graphictruth: Conservatives falling out with Bush?
( 9 links)
A Visitor: The US National Rifle Association’s “hit list”
( 4 links)
We Win, They Lose: Pro-my people?
( 4 links)
Showcase Voting Participation
Alliance of Free Blogs: 58 of 104 = 55.8 % participation
Axis of Naughty: 2 of 23 = 8.7 % participation
League of Liberals: 20 of 42 = 47.6 % participation
Liberal Coalition: 21 of 25 = 84.0 % participation