Showcase Results 12/29/03

Ok folks, after a long wait, here’s the preliminary results for this long, 2-week Showcase event.
In the non-political category, Spam Town leads with 21 links for Spam of the Week. Meanwhile, over in the political category, My Word leads with 34 links for The Politics of the Lord of the Rings. And on the Alliances front, the Liberal Coailition maintains their dominance with 66.7 % participation.
As always, feedback will be accepted until 5pm PST, after which final results will be certified. Click More below for full results…
Update: It’s official. Congratulations to the winners!
Also: Remember, if you entered in the past two weeks and feel you were unduly hosed by the contest confusion, you may enter again this week (or any other week you are eligible by the ‘age’ requirement).

Showcase Voting Participation
The Alliance of Free Blogs: 50 of 105 = 47.6 % participation
The Axis of Naughty: 2 of 23 = 8.7 % participation
The League of Liberals: 12 of 40 = 30.0 % participation
The Liberal Coalition: 18 of 27 = 66.7 % participation
The Blogdom of God: 4 of 49 = 8.2 % participation
Spam Town: Spam of the Week
( 21 links)
Certus Veritas: Someone in Hollywood is FOR Western Civilization?
( 13 links)
Belief Seeking Understanding: Monday, November 10, 2003
( 12 links)
Symphony X: Netropolis
( 4 links)
Right to the Point: First Amendment… What’s THAT?
( 4 links)
Quiet Indignity: Snuff Flims
( 3 links)
gasoline suit: no man here…
( 3 links)
Harry Claude Cat presents The Toon Show: today is December 12, 1963
( 1 links)

My Word: The Politics of the Lord of the Rings
( 34 links)
Chris “Lefty” Brown’s Corner: What’s so funny about peace, love, and higher taxes
( 28 links)
Pragmatic Conservatism by Dan K. O’Leary: Bush, Saddam, and Howard Dean
( 26 links) Howard Dean’s “Point”
( 14 links)
Self-composed: Banning Smokers
( 9 links)
The Setting Son: The Setting Son
( 6 links)
Cranial Cavity: 10 Winning Neologisms
( 3 links)
Robert Holcomb: Clark – “I’ll beat the s— out of them.”
( 2 links)
The AFA: Anti-Feminist Army
( 1 links)