Undead Reality Show Zombie

So the Apprentice is done, and Bill is The Donald’s guy.
Expecting some great philosophical discussion of the significance of The Apprentice in our culture or the impact of reality television on civilization? Nah. It entertained me, and that was enough.
But I did have one closing thought. As expected, last Thursday Trump finally said the words “You’re hired”. But the interesting thing is that he did not say the words “You’re fired” to Kwame Jackson, the runner-up.
So, I claim that by the Strict Laws of The Apprentice Universe, Kwame is now existing in some odd state of limbo. Not fired — but not hired! It’s like he’s some kind of undead reality show zombie, doomed to walk the earth eternally unresolved.
‘Course, being an undead reality show zombie seems to be a good gig for Kwame, so hats off to him…