Oh, did I forget to mention I’m under criminal investigation?

So help me think through this. Sandy Berger has been investigation since October of last year, and it appears he knew about it. He’s acting as an advisor to the Kerry campaign. Choose the option that most likely describes reality:
A) Berger told the Kerry campaign he was under investigation, and the campaign saw no reason to worry about it and distance Kerry from Berger. Conclusion: the Kerry campaign is run by idiots.
B) Berger did not tell the Kerry campaign he was under investigation. Conclusion: Berger concealed vital political information from his party’s Presidential campaign. Corollary: Berger is not just careless with classified information, but is also an idiot.
There is more to this story, of course: I hardly know where to start with all the things that don’t make sense. But if anyone can see a scenario other than the two above that could possibly fit the facts, chime right in…