Glenn’s Alternate Kerry

Glenn offers instructive view into a parallel universe.
It’s not really an alternate universe, though: just an alternate Kerry. And that’s the problem. The Kerry that Glenn envisions is no more real than the Easter Bunny. Imagining Kerry behaving boldly and honestly is interesting, but only as a study in contrast to reality. Glenn’s tale isn’t one of what-might-be; it isn’t even what-could-have-been. It’s not imagining what if Lincoln had lived past that night at the theatre — it’s imagining what would have happened if he sprouted wings, tipped his hat to the missus, and flew off to the moon.
Like Glenn, I’d love to see a Democratic candidate genuinely challenge Bush with an alternative vision for the future. But that’s not what Kerry wants: he has no such vision, and even if he did, he’d never have the courage to proclaim it for fear of alienating one slice or another of the precarious jumble of interest groups and activists known as the Democratic Party. There is only one line on his r