FEC To Kerry: Quit Whining

So FEC Chairman Bradley Smith just told John Kerry to down and shut up:
Kerry, 60, a four-term Massachusetts senator, alleged last week that the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth illegally coordinated its activities with President George W. Bush’s re-election campaign. Smith, a Republican, said members of the group are exercising their constitutional right to free speech.
“I think it’s great we live in a country where 260 average guys can go out and put their point of view out there before the public and influence a major presidential race,” Smith said in an interview with Bloomberg television. “I am not one who agrees it is illegitimate for citizens to take a stand on these kind of issues and only the politicians should be able to say what they want about the issues they want to talk about.”

“For the Kerry group to be complaining” when Democratic donor-funded groups have raised much more “seems a little bit absurd,” said Smith, who was appointed by former President Bill Clinton, a Democrat.

I have no idea what he’s talking about.