Three Years On

I’m under some extreme deadline pressure at work (just got home from a 14-hour weekend day), so I’ve been a bit absent.
And I’ve missed all the fun! What is the frequenthy, Kenneth, indeed.
I also didn’t have time to compose any sort of an anniversary post for today. But my sentiments and thoughts have changed very little in the past three years, so feel free to read Turning Point (9/11/2002) if you didn’t do so way-back-when. I’ll only add what I stated on September 11, 2003:
This is not the anniversary of a “tragedy”. It is the anniversary of an attack; planned and carried out by men who conciously and deliberately inflicted the death and suffering of that day on the citizens of our nation — and many others.
I believe that September 11th, 2001 represented one battle of a larger war — not the first, by any means, and as much as we might regret it, not the last. You may disagree with my use of the word “war”. But what you think, and what I think, doesn’t matter: because it is clear that the remnants of those who attacked us two years ago are quite clear-minded, and they have no doubt that it is war — ask them yourself.
We forget this at our peril.
I wish the best for all who lost loved ones two years ago on this painful day. And for all of us, I wish safety, and more to the point, victory: for we will never, ever find the former if we do not achieve the latter.