Northern Alliance Radio: A request

I’m a bit of an Internet-radio addict; my usual habit is to turn on a show while doing just about anything around home. Right and Center is a particular favorite, as are Don Imus’ interviews, and Fresh Air, when the guest is of interest.
So it should come as no surprise that, having now discovered how to record the Nothern Alliance’s weekly radio show for later playback (with the help of the handy ReplayRadio), I’m enjoying it quite a bit.
But I do have one request for the NA gang. I understand that the Internet stream is sponsored by the Taxpayer’s League of Minnesota, and that explains their PSA’s filling the breaks in the show. But having only listened to two weeks’ worth of programs, I have now memorized the entire content of every single one of their promos. For the love of God, please get them to cut down on them!
As a libertarian type myself, I’m sympathetic to their message. But I’m starting to lean towards big-government liberalism just out of the sheer negative conditioning I’m getting from having to listen to the damned things over and over again…