Wrong Seal? I’m afraid not

Megan McArdle posted following at Instapundit:
PHOTO FINISH: A reader emails the following:
“If you review the pictures on the KSTP web site that has the ABC video everyone is using you can see a very clear picture of a seal with its number (#144322). The PDF document of the UN inspections available show the numbers of the seals and none of them have that number. Therefore, it is clear that the bunkers that ABC videoed were not the ones that held the HMX the UN inspected.”

When I look at the KSTP site, it seems to me like the 144322 seal is presented as an example. It is shown with a neutral background, like it is a stock photo. I don’t think it’s being presented as from the actual site.
Update: And in fact, it is for certain a file photo. Here’s the exact same photo on the IAEA site.
Stand down…