Kerry Discharge: Broad Hints

The latest installment in the Chinese water torture that is the Kerry discharge story is out:
sec to Kerry: Open up your records
The short summary is simple: William Middendorf was Secretary of the Navy from 1974 to 1977. If you believe the less-than-honorable discharge theory, Middendorf has direct knowledge that Kerry was not honorably discharged (the first time), but is specifically barred from discussing the matter by law. This article is the closest he can come to confirming the previous stories without committing a crime.
Beldar has more, and seems pretty convinced that the less-than-honorable storyline is genuine.
And so am I, as I just don’t see any other plausible explanation for the facts as we know them. But: I’ve pretty well given up on it being proven definitively enough to break through in any way in the major media before the election.
But if Kerry wins tomorrow, I’ll wager that this story will be back, with a vengeance..