Election Day 2004 Resources

Folks: I’ve collecting as many election-day web resources as I can find and listed them below. Please add additional resources to the comments / via TrackBacks, and I’ll continue to update this page throughout the day.
Results Tracking: Blogs & LittleMedia
Results 2004 Page: A nice clean single-page listing of all state’s results.
Electoral-Vote.com: “I will stay up all night election night and update the site in real time. I am NOT promising to stay up until we know who the president is. I would definitely like to go to bed sometime during the month of November…”
Results Tracking: Big Media
The New York Times
The Washington Post
USA Today
Note: Some of the BigMedia pages are their generic election pages; I’ll update them to point to their results pages when they post them.
Blog Coverage
The Command Post: Detailed group-blog coverage including bloggers from every state.
ElectionHell.com: More voting fraud coverage than you can possibly tolerate.
The Horserace Blog
FraudWatch at Backcountry Conservative
Note: I’m not listing individual bloggers unless the blog’s explicit focus is the election (i.e. ElectionHell), as I’m assuming pretty much everybody is blogging today.
UPDATE: I am also maintaining a simplified version of this listing suitable for use as a Mozilla or IE sidebar: electionsidebar.html.
For Mozilla, you can make this into a sidebar by:
1) Bookmarking it
2) Opening your Bookmarks folder by selecting Bookmarks->Manage Bookmarks
3) Highlight the bookmark you just created by left-clicking once.
4) Right-click for the menu and select Properties
5) Check the box which says ‘Load this Bookmark in the Sidebar’
For Internet Explorer, bookmark the following link: TTLB Election Tracker
For Opera: I have no clue! I don’t use Opera. Can anybody who does offer suggestions / instructions?