Blogosphere Daily News: November 8, 2004

This morning’s top headlines from the Daily News:
How Low Can They Fall? – 16 links
by Hindrocket
The recriminations continue. Liberals gnash their teeth and try to figure out what went wrong, and what is to be…
Newsweek On The Campaign – 10 links
by The MinuteMan
Some details struck me from the Newsweek coverage of the campaign: Edwards on responding to criticism of Kerry’s Vietnam record:Kerry’s running mate, John Edwards, also wanted to take a swipe at the Swifties. …Stephanie Cutter, the boss of the Kerry…
The Visual Display of Quantitative Information – 9 links
by Henry
As a complement to Kieran’s post, Michael Gaster, Cosma Shalizi’s and Mark Newman’s electoral map where area is proportional to population is fascinating, as well as weirdly beautiful – like butterflies exploding.
Apparently Blogs Drool and the MSM Rules – 7 links
by Steve Bainbridge
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