NYT Publishes Daily Kos Visitor Correction

On October 28th, the New York Times published a weblog story which the following statement:
“A recent posting on DailyKos, a liberal Web site visited by more than 500,000 people daily, according to blog rankings posted on a site called The Truth Laid Bear…”
I pointed out to the Times’ editor, Bill Borders, that this inaccurately described the data I present in the Traffic Rankings, which does not show that 500,000 individual people visit Daily Kos each day, but rather, shows that he gets that many visits (possibly by a smaller group of people visiting many times during the day).
After much debate, the Times agreed to publish a correction, which finally ran today:
An article on Oct. 28 about Internet sites that criticize mainstream news coverage of political campaigns referred imprecisely to the use of a liberal Web site, DailyKos, as tracked by another site, The Truth Laid Bear. DailyKos receives about 500,000 visits each day, a figure that may include multiple visits by some users. The site is not necessarily viewed by 500,000 visitors a day.
Thanks to the Times for being willing to correct the error, albeit a bit slowly — and to Glenn, Jeff, and Bill, whose support was both gratifying and extremely helpful.