BlogAd for South Asia Relief

Those of you paying close attention will notice that I have a new blogad running on the site, which points to Command Post’s very helpful directory of agencies and charities that provide ways to help in South Asian relief efforts.
I created the ad in response to a request from Miklos at Blogads to donate the space to run an ad submitted by Unicef. I liked the idea of donating ad space for the relief efforts, but didn’t like specifying one single charity — particularly Unicef, which hasn’t exactly had a squeaky clean record in the past.
So, I created the generic ad you see as an alternative. If you are a blogger and want to run it yourself, it is a simple matter to re-create the ad to run on your site using your BlogAd offer code (if you don’t know how, ping me and I’ll help). Or just create your own ad and point it to the Command Post’s directory page.
However you can help to put those who want to help in touch with the groups that will let them do so is a good thing. So go do it, and thanks!