TTLB: A bear, a girl, and the strong urge to get married

I am pleased to report that very soon, the lovely Lady M will become Mrs. Bear. Our wedding day is fast approaching!
We are currently making final decisions about wedding rings, and I thought I might solicit some blogosphere advice.
First, her ring. We have pretty good ideas on what we are looking for for hers; either platinum or white gold with diamonds. We’ve found a few jewelers in our home Orange County, CA area that we like, but I would welcome recommendations if anyone has them for jewelers in our area that you trust. We’re especially interested in jewelers that can do custom designs, as we’re picky, and will probably not find precisely what we want “off-the-rack”.
Second, mine. One of the options that I am considering is a Titanium ring. I like the look; the strength and resistance to scratches is apparently much better than white gold or platinum, it’s lightweight, and it’s not expensive. What could be bad?
Well, for one thing, titanium requires a completely different fabrication process (it’s milled from a block, not poured molten in a mold) and so very, very few jewelers do work in titanium. I haven’t found anyone local that does, but there are quite a few on the Internet. The problem, of course, is that everybody knows you should never trust anybody on the Internet! 🙂
So: does anyone know a Titanium jeweler on the net that you’ve done business with and would recommend?
General thoughts on the process are also welcome, particularly the whole Titanium thing. Anybody have a Titanium ring? Do you like it? Are all the claims about durability true, or hype?
Thanks all…