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The date of 11/11 is set aside each year so that we might honor those who have served our country. It is strange that we set one day aside for the people who ensure we are able to enjoy the rest of the days safely in a free and great country. The

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Choose Life
Today is Veteran’s Day. For the freedoms you have, for the extraordinary life you lead, thank a veteran.]]>

Thank you; Veterans Day 2005 (8 links)

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TMH’s Bacon Bits
Thank You Veterans
for your service and sacrifice
And current military: Know that America supports you!
from the founding writers and guest bloggers at TMH’s Bacon Bits
The MaryHunter
&and don’t forget: today is t

Veterans' Day, 2005 (7 links)
CatHouse Chat
Today is the day that our country sets aside to give due honor and thanks to the men and women who have so faithfully served their country. Ever since our country was founded 229 years ago, men and women have…