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class=”linktitle”>Alito on Abortion, Circa 1985 (7 links)
Confirm Them
The Washington Times is reporting on Monday about a 1985 document that details Samuel Alitos position on Roe v. Wade at that time. Heres how the article by Bill Sammon begins:
Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr., President Bushs Suprem
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Alito Finds No Right to Abortion in Constitution (7 links)
TMH’s Bacon Bits
Conservatives will cheer this news, even as Liberals will pull out their medieval political spin machine, with which they shall torture us with tirades and punish the sensibilities of the American people on this issue.]]>
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(7 links)
MORE PUSHBACK: The White House raps the Washington Post. I wonder if they're going to start doing this sort of thing daily? It would be smart. Maybe the press should learn to use Google. Instead of, you know, hoping that we don't. . . . UP
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Target digs itself a deeper hole in emergency contraceptive scandal (7 links)
AMERICAblog: Because a great nation deserves the truth
AMERICAblog reader, and fellow blogger, Joseph Hughes of Hughes for America, just sent me the latest response from Target about their growing emergency con