Happy 2006

Happy New Year, everyone.
Mrs. Bear, the Car Broker, a couple other friends and I rang in the New Year at the Orange County fairgrounds last night. Quite a fun event, actually: five stages with different bands playing throughout the night, including Violent Femmes, Sugar Ray, Joan Jett, Berlin, and a bunch of others. And not to be outdone by Times Square, midnight featured the “orange drop”, which you can see occuring from my slightly-less-than-ideal cellphone pic to the right. Laserbeams and fireworks, too!
It’s an unsurprisingly slow-moving day of recovery today, but I have big ambitions for TTLB in 2006, and I’ll be sharing a bit more of where I plan on taking the site over the next days and weeks. Stay tuned, and hope you had a happy and safe New Year…