House Majority Leader Race: Final Hours

Tomorrow, the House GOP will meet to elect their next majority leader. And so, one last time, I’d urge anyone concerned with the need for reform in Congress, or with the success of the Republican party, to contact your Representative and urge them to support a candidate who will commit to real reforms. (The House switchboard is (202) 224-3121 ).
I have John Shadegg as the man I see as best suited to driving real change in the House. But this is a three way race, and one which requires that the winning candidate receive 50% of the votes. Should none of the candidates meet this bar, a second ballot will be held between the two front-runners.
It is my sincere hope that Shadegg is one of the two candidates in the run-off. But politics is the art of considering all the possibilities, and so I think it is important to not just endorse Shadegg, but also to state clearly that, should the runoff come down to John Boehner vs. Roy Blunt, my clear preference would be for Representative Boehner.
I believe Shadegg is the right choice for the GOP at this pivotal moment. But I also am impressed with Boehner’s anti-earmarks stance, and he definitely conveys his interest in genuine reform more convincingly than Rep. Blunt.
So I would encourage you not just to let your Representative know that Shadegg should be the first choice, but also make clear that if it can’t be Shadegg, it has to be Boehner.
Less than 48 hours left. Make those calls now…