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class=”linktitle”>The Guillermo Fariñas blogburst (9 links)
Fausta’s blog
Today, bloggers across the world honor a brave man, Guillermo Fariñas.
Start by reading Val Prieto’s post, Let me be buried on this spot!
Many bloggers are participating on this blogburst:
Fariñas is an outlaw, and a hero In Cuba, freedom is against the law. And anyone who resists the exercise of Fidel Castro’s tyranny is an outlaw, whether they do so silently, like a majority of Cubans, or
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Let me be buried on this spot! (9 links)
Babalu Blog
Guillermo Fariñas Hernandez doesnt have any RBI's. He's hit no fastballs out of the park and he doesnt play shortstop, second base, center field or otherwise. He's never been on the pitching mound and has never struck out a soul….
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