ttlb accepting new community requests

As part of the new release, I’ve made sure that TTLB’s infrastructure is ready to handle an influx of new blog class=”textlink”>Communities — and as a result, I’m now accepting requests for new ones.
Communities are simply groups of blogs related by common interests, beliefs, or other characteristics, so if you and fellow bloggers would like to start one, and get your own Community page at TTLB, sign up using the form above and I’ll get you set up. We’ve already had quite a few new requests come in from the backlog, and I’ll be posting further today to highlight the new arrivals…

3 thoughts on “ttlb accepting new community requests”

  1. Eh, what the heck. Open Trackbacks.

    Yeah, they’re the devil, whatever. Post your trackbacks here, and they’ll show up yada yada yada. It’s all about links, and you know it.
    Where you can get more hot, hot trackbacky action:
    » Blue Star Chronicles
    » Point Fi…

  2. Hi NZ Bear,
    What do we do when the Community administrator for an existing community doesn’t respond to email or has an old blog they don’t check much? The FAQ last I looked didn’t really say how to join a Community. Could you put up directions?
    Thanks for any suggestions

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