The Iraq Study Group Report

As most folks are aware by now, I’ve posted class=”textlink”>a HTML version of the Iraq Study Group Report here. Why? Because a monolithic PDF document is rather unwieldy, and makes it difficult for bloggers to comment on particular sections of the document and refer their readers to that exact section.
So there you go. But in creating the HTML version, I also spent some time with the PDF file published by the ISG itself. And I found something interesting — if depressing — buried inside the file.
Adobe’s PDF format allows the author of a document to save keywords in the Properties of the file. These should be words that capture the sense of the document, and words that people might use to search for the document.
So here are the keywords defined by the Iraq Study Group for their report:
iraq study group report james baker lee hamilton co chairs middle east congress bipartisan strategies president bush america abroad military withdrawal troops civil war iraqi government sunni shia kurds christian sectarian violence conflict post-conflict
Yes, that’s right. If you’re looking for “withdrawal”, this is the document for you. If you happen to be looking for “victory”, however — you are out of luck.

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  1. Well, that’s natural. “Withdrawal” is an actual option.
    “Victory” is not an option and only insane ninnies think we can “win” another country’s civil war, or that Iraq is going to turn into a wonderful stable democracy (when in fact Iraq gets worse and worse the longer we stay there).
    So, no, “Victory” is not in there. Neither is “Maliki turns into a magic unicorn and flies us all to magic Ponyland.” Both are equally viable options.

  2. Iraq Study Group Report released

    “Let’s lose slowly” is the gist of it. More analysis: Richard Fernandez Hugh Hewitt Power Line Rick Moran Fullosseus Flap Tammy Bruce The Heritage Foundation National Review Andrew McCarthy — Update: Check out the keywords in the official report….

  3. It’s so odd that when I hear the MSM discussing this report they refer to it’s content as ‘giving options for how we can get out of this war’. It doesn’t seem to occur to any of them that ‘getting out of this war’ or ‘withdrawal’ means ‘surrender’.
    When did we, as Americans, quit thinking we could attain victory. This is a very sad time for our country.
    M.A. you couldn’t be more wrong.

  4. Iraq Study Group – SURRENDER!!!

    Well said!!
    tiarra tip Something …. and Half of Something
    Also at Not Exactly Rocket Science.
    UPDATE: NZ Bear has a a HTML…

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