CPAC: Duncan Hunter

Greetings from CPAC 2007! On Day Two, Congressman Duncan Hunter kicked us off with a speech that touched on immigration, the war, and global trade.
Hunter is my kind of guy when it comes to the war, and I’ll just leave that as shorthand that he’s on the same page as those of us at class=”textlink”>The Victory Caucus. (It is my hope that we’ll be able to do an in-depth interview with the Congressman for Victory Caucus sometime soon).
The one perhaps newsbreaking item in his speech was when it came to immigration. Hunter went out of his way to cite the now infamous case of the two border agents imprisoned for shooting a suspect. Citing the 10+ year sentences they received, he declared flatly “As President of the United States, I will pardon Ramos and Compean.”
More CPAC news as it comes in…