New NYT Building: Metaphor? What Metaphor?

So we all know that the mainstream media is dying, but I had not realized it had actually class=”textlink”>begun to exhibit the characteristics of a rotting corpse:
“The soaring new New York Times tower — already known for its weird toilets (when flushed, they apparently sound like a kitten being strangled), its weirder elevators (no buttons, and no indication of what floor they’re on), a leak problem (editor Bill Keller’s office got soggy in a recent rainstorm), and a mouse problem (reported by Gawker) — still has a few more surprises between the floorboards: maggots. “It’s hard to put out a newspaper when you’re worried about what might fall on your head,” one Times staffer told us this week. “One of the photo editors was sitting at her desk and maggots started falling from the ceiling tile on to her head.”
Yup, I can see how that might cut down on the old productivity.
But wait: there’s more ! Notably, rats (or at least, one dead one that was being eaten by the aforementioned maggots) and “a herd” of mice.
Yummy ! Oddly enough, the building’s sales website doesn’t mention any of these cool perks. You’d think there would be a slideshow, or something…