In which I hand over my crown to this year’s queen

“This big. No, really!”

Congratulations to Ace, this year’s CPAC Blogger of the Year !
As last year’s winner, I will be showing Ace the ropes. It’s a tough job, of course — waving through all the parades, opening all those malls, ribbon cuttings and the like. The fans are wonderful, although I have to admit not be able to simply go to a restaurant or grab a Starbucks without being mobbed by adoring fans is something Ace will have to adjust to. And of course there’s the morals clause, which I may have to have a special chat with him about.
I am sure he will wear his crown with honor. Congrats chief!

One thought on “In which I hand over my crown to this year’s queen”

  1. How in the fuck did someone as lame as you ever win an award like that in the first place?
    Oh, right. The award was from CPAC.
    Never mind.

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