Two serious questions for my left-leaning (D) friends: 1. Can any of you honestly say you don’t believe a felony has been committed here (violation of 18USC1924 regarding handling of classified material)? And if so, can you explain the logic to me? I am *not* interested in argument by analogy (i.e. “when are you going to ask about [insert (R) politician/public figure]’s [insert dubious action here]). 2. What’s your honest opinion of Hillary’s capabilities as a political candidate? Because even trying to view it without bias, in my assessment her performance at the presser linked below was just… appalling. She’s had months to prepare for these questions; she knows they are coming… and this is the best she can do? Forget right/wrong, policies, etc.: do you think she’s good enough at the actual game of politics to win?

5 things Hillary Clinton did wrong in her latest e-mail press conference via