Word fail, and I’m reduced to repeated *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* … “Huma Abedin, Clinton’s former deputy chief of staff, forwarded a summary of a high-level Sept. 2009 meeting to Clinton in which she detailed the “embassy security issues” that were discussed.” Sending the details of the embassy security problems we’ve identified but not fixed over an unsecured network. Swell! *headdesk* “Now-retired Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns sent Hillary an e-mail with data that was classified during the review of her cache. Burns apparently sent it on a web-based e-mail service, because the footer has an ad for Free Credit Report. An Excellent Credit Score is 750. See Yours in Just 2 Easy Steps! Clearly, this is not a secure method of communications, and yet Hillary replies to it while also tossing in sensitive information, now classified, as an afterthought at the end of the reply.” *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

Classified Hillary e-mail contained embassy security issues

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