If you haven’t found it already, go check out the “real-time” 50th anniversary rebroadcast of the Apollo 13 mission. https://ift.tt/2U7Hh7G is broadcasting basically everything – the transmissions from Mission Control to the ship and back, mission control internal discussions, etc. — in “real time” — just 50 years late. So they started with the launch this past Saturday 4/11, and will continue until the (amazing, miraculously successful) splashdown of the crew on 4/17(1970/2020) this Friday. As of right now (78 hours 35 minutes on the mission clock) the crew is preparing for the major burn that will re-orient them back towards Earth (having just completed a sling-shot around the moon). It inspired me to show my boys Apollo 13 (the Tom Hanks film) yesterday & was a great history lesson mixed with a darn good story. So tune in to that URL and listen to real smart folks work really wicked problems in real time…

Apollo 13 in Real-time via https://ift.tt/2U7Hh7G


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