Voice of OC has several excellent pieces on how hospitals are being impacted of COVID19 Orange County, one of which says “state officials said for the first time Wednesday they would soon be publicly disclosing hospital-specific data on a daily basis” …so that will be very revealing information to see if and when it is actually released. In the meantime, the same story also notes this one metric which is fairly disturbing: “OC emergency rooms have seen a large uptick in recent weeks in how often they temporarily close to new patients being delivered by ambulance due to not having capacity, known as “diversion.” Emergency rooms in the county temporarily closed to new ambulance transports for 235 total hours in the week ending Monday due to not having capacity, up significantly from 23 total hours in the full month of April, according to county data.”

Which Orange County Hospitals Are Most Impacted by Coronavirus? via https://ift.tt/2Zf2vnO

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