Blogosphere Ecosystem: First Update CompleteOK,

Blogosphere Ecosystem: First Update Complete

OK, since everyone got so excited about the first pass, I moved up my schedule for the update and have done another sweep through the list.

Updates / Improvements:
– Added about 40 blogs to the list
– Fixed the bug where links redirected to top-level pages instead of actual blog pages on non-blog-only sites
– Fixed a bug that, believe it or not, was causing Glenn to get undercounted (related to all his different addresses during his move)
– Added categories “Flappy Birds” and “Slithering Reptiles” so that the big ole’ Microbe bucket wasn’t too huge

What’s Still Broke:
– The routine reads most pages just fine, however, a few pages are not being read correctly and hence their outbound links are not being included. Not sure why this is, but it may have something to do with setup to prevent spidering. Any suggestions are welcome, but this one is going to have to wait to be fixed for the moment.

What’s Totally New
Since we have the Ecosystem list tracking who is getting the most (or least) inbound links, it seemed only natural to create a similar list which shows who is providing the most outbound links. I call it the Hall of Link Sluttage.

Not surprisingly, I am way way up near the top of this list — since, duh, by creating these lists I’ve put a huge number of links on my page. I may have to take myself ‘out of the running’ for this category.

Finally: If you believe your site is being counted incorrectly, please feel free to drop me a line and let me know. Be as specific as possible about where you have links from other weblogs on the list that you don’t think are being counted. (Remember: only links coming to your page from other weblogs on this list get counted, not any links that sites that are not on the list might have to your page.) The more precise you can be, the easier it will be for me to track down any issues that exist.

And finally: remember, kids. It’s all in good fun. Don’t take this all too seriously.