Update from the Marsupial Anti-Defamation

Update from the Marsupial Anti-Defamation League

I received the following from a certain fellow hanging upside down by his tail from a tree. I reprint it here utterly without permission:

Dear Mr. NZ Bear:

I recently came to your site via a link from Dr. Reynolds’ Instapundit blog. I notice that in your ingenious list of blogological specimens, you completely ignore marsupials. I would like to recommend that you view Possumblog, one of the finest specimens of Didelphis virginiana currently blogging today.

Possumblog is well-written, insightful, thought-provoking, and is the only blog written with the use of a prehensile tail AND opposable hind toes.

Whereas most of the better known blogs concentrate on topics such as current events, political controversy, science, dogs, and sewing, (and often require the reader to be educated and literate) Possumblog takes a fresh and different approach, choosing to string long words together with no discernable reason or method. The effect is stunning and occasionally readable without the use of illegally obtained (and often dangerous) Schedule II narcotics.

On behalf of The Board of Regents, the Publisher’s Consort, and the humble Staff of Possumblog, I wish to thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours truly,

Terry Oglesby


Well what are you waiting for, a formal invitation? Go out the furry little critter’s blog, already.