Sullivan On War With Iraq

Andrew Sullivan provides cautionary notes on opposition to an attack on Iraq today that are well worth reading. Sample:
“Those of us who think the majority of Americans decided last September that war with Iraq was essential to our present and future security had better be prepared. The opposition is determined and organized, and they are passionately opposed to using American power to defeat the forces of state terror.”
My one quibble with Sullivan’s work today is the headlines he’s used for the pieces today: “Stopping The War”, Parts I, II, and III.
The opponents of ridding the world of Saddam are not making a case to “Stop the War”. They are making a case for us to “Ignore the War”. Or perhaps “Concede the War”. Or yes, even “Surrender the War”.
We are at war; the only way to “stop” it is victory or the acceptance of defeat. Phrasing it any other way plays into the hands of those that, in Sullivan’s words, “campaign to protect Saddam’s weaponry.”