Tour o’ the neighborhood

Can’t sleep, damnit, but too tired to write. So it’s time to link!
Lair us to an article on how porn sites are driving technical web innovation, and regails us with his own, er, personal experience.
Meryl lays it all on the table and ranks male superheroes by their dating potential.
(Hard up day in the Blogosphere, or coincidence? You decide).
Martin declines to provide any nookie, but instead dissects a NY Times op-ed which posits that the way to fight computer crime is — the government should fix it! OK ; Martin gets docked for lack of difficulty points, but his takedown is high on the artistic merit scale.
VodkaGuy said absolutely nothing today. But he said it in a really snarky, erudite yet earthy kinda way.
And lastly, PontifExMachina picks up my slack and, dismayed that I didn’t provide a more specific set of recommendations to prevent my 2014 scenario from coming true, provides The Paranoid Libertarian’s To-Do List.