Nixon Was Unavailable

OK, so it’s like this.
The good news: fourteen months later, there’s finally going to be an investigation of intelligence failures which permitted the September 11th attacks to succeed.
The bad news: It’s being led by Henry Kissinger.
No, I’m not making that up, what kind of sick bastard do you take me for?
What is it with the Bush crowd? First Poindexter back into the public spotlight like some deranged zombie from a Sam Raimi flick, and now we’re giving Kissinger work?
Kissinger enjoys the reputation of an elder statesman because of his experience as a national security adviser and secretary of state during the time of the Vietnam War, the Cold War and the U.S. opening up to China. But he has limited experience in domestic security matters, such as visa operations and airline safety, that the commission will handle. And he has a large number of critics who accuse him of dishonest diplomatic actions regarding Cambodia, Vietnam and Chile. He is also considered too close to the intelligence community and the Bush administration to permit an honest appraisal of their failures.
“Dishonest diplomatic actions”? You don’t say?
Other than that, I’m speechless kids. Some things just boggle the mind…