Building the Perfect Beast

OK kids, I’m getting serious about this building-my-own PC thing. I’m in the market for a new machine, I’ve mentioned, and based on the advice from (some of) you, I’m thinkin’ I’ll take the plunge and build the sucker myself.
So, I’m now looking for any information folks can suggest on:
1) Books or websites which provides a nice guide to the important things to know about how to build your own PC. I’m a techie, but not a hardware guy in general, so I’d feel better if I had some sort of a guide to follow.
2) Further tips on where to get the cheapest (but highest quality!) components. I just went up to my local Fry’s and wrote down a whole bunch of their prices, but have yet to compare them to what I can find on the web.
3) In particular: How the hell do I pick a good motherboard? I’m leaning towards an AMD Athlon 2200 or so for the processor, but I’m clueless as to how to know a good motherboard from a bad one. (I know I need to match the memory, make sure it has the ports I want and all that, but is there a ‘quality’ factor? )
4) Any suggestions on cases? One particular need: despite my best efforts, my home office is a high-dust zone. A case/fan setup that is good at preventing dust from getting inside the machine would be most helpful.
This is going to be a blogged project, so I’ll of course share my adventures with all of you.
Thanks for any help you can provide…