Wanted: Saudwatch. Blogspot. com

So it occurs to me, watching the recent attempts by the House of Saud to a pose of righteous indignation that anybody might dare suggest they have anything to do with terrorism, that there is an opportunity for some eager blogger here.
We’ve got Watch blogs for all sorts of things — methinks the time has come for Saudwatch.blogspot.com.
With the House of Saud mounting a determined public relations campaign, we need somebody focused on ensuring that for every word that comes out of a Prince’s mouth; for every press release they issue, there is an appropriate counterpoint providing a proper Fisking.
Certainly, folks like Charles & the gang over at LGF do some of this, but I think a more focused blog dealing exclusively with the statements of the Saudis would be of value.
I’d consider the job, but I don’t have the focus, and besides, I’ve got way too many projects in the air. Seems like a great niche for an aspiring young politiblogger, though. Any volunteers?