Chatterbox: When Bad Columns Happen to Good People

Can anybody help me pinpoint precisely when Tim Noah went completely, deliriously, ass-over-elbows bonkers?
It didn’t happen suddenly, I know that for sure. He’s been drifting down a slippery slope for a while now. But recently, he’s crossed some ill-defined borderline: I fear that tinfoil headgear is not far in dear Tim’s future, truly I do.
Case in point: yesterday, Noah an entire column out of the concept that he has difficulty identifying the moral difference between S&M sex involving consenting adults and torture commited by Saddam Hussein’s regime.
My theory: it’s got to have something to do with the whole referring to yourself in the third person thing. That just can’t be healthy over long periods of time. (I have this unbidden vision of dinner at the Noah household: “Chatterbox will have more meatloaf, please!”).
Noah’s always struck me as a decent fellow, but lately, in the words of Will Smith… Damn! I’m unclear on the etiquette here: is there an appropriate way to schedule some kind of intervention? (Hey Mickey, little help? )
Noah used to be obnoxious-but-entertaining. Lately he’s just wacked.
And no, not in a good way.
Thanks to Handy Andy for both the pointer to yesterday’s piece and for his own analysis of ChatterGuy’s latest.