An Employed Bear

Notice something missing from the right sidebar?
I know, it’s been there for what seems like an eternity. Blends in with the background; your eye had long since learned to just skip over it automatically.
A plaintive cry for help… a blatant plug so pathetic in its earnestness, it might as well have simply said “will manage for food.”
But now it’s gone.
Yes, that’s right: your humble correspondent is no longer a useless barnacle on the creaking steamship of the American economy. As of next week, I rejoin the ranks of the gainfully employed.
After many moons of searching, I’m happy to say I’ve found an excellent position, with an excellent company, down here in lovely SoCal. As is my custom, I won’t disclose more than that, other than to say it’s a great opportunity, and I am looking forward to regaining my claim to be a Productive Member of Society.
As for what this will mean for TTLB: not much, probably. It is a certainty that I’ll spend less time blogging, and reading other blogs. But with regards to my actual output — and the quality thereof — it’s hard to say. I am one of those folks who tend to accomplish far more when I’m under general time pressure, so it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if y’all could barely tell the difference when I do start punching the clock again.
But at any rate: I’ve no intention of retiring from the field anytime soon. So don’t get your hopes up!