If You’re British and Don’t Support Saddam, You’re Just Nobody

Note to British TTLB readers: Would one of you please ring Moira Redmond and have her over for tea, or whatever the appropriate English social ritual is? She needs to get out more:
This weekend I made an extra trip to London to attend the massive anti-war demonstration there.. I have never known a political controversy in which it was so hard to find the other side: You can talk to friends, acquaintances, chance-met fellow shoppers or other passengers on the train, and you will never meet anyone who supports the war whole-heartedly…
Let’s do a little experiment: if you are British, and support military action against Hussein, leave a comment here, even if it’s just an “aye!”. And for fun, let us know where in the isles you’re writing from, if you don’t mind.
Perhaps I’ll send a note to Ms. Redmond once we’ve assembled enough signatures. Not a petition, per se: more like a “clue care package”, as she seems in rather dire need of some…