New Ecosystem Updates

Well, the Ecosystem seems to be just as popular as the old one — perhaps even more so! I don’t have an exact count, but I’ve been flooded by requests for additions. Looks like about a hundred in our first day in production! Very cool.
A few notes / updates:
First, there have been some complaints about the source of the original list (which came from Instapundit, Vodkapundit, and DailyPundit‘s blogrolls) — namely that it neglects liberal bloggers. (See MaxSpeak here, and Matthew Yglesias here). Max himself actually suggested that I incorporate his own blogroll and someone like Atrios’s to provide greater balance to the list.
I think this is a great idea. But, after burning a large chunk of my weekend on the release, I probably won’t get to doing it myself for at least a few days (I’m back to having a real job, remember).
But, if somebody can help me out by gathering the data, I’d be happy to load it asap. Here’s what I need: a comma-delimited, flat-text file with three columns of data. First column should be the blog’s URL, second column should be the name of the blog, and third column should be the host. Now, the host is the tricky part: see the Add Your Blog page for the rules. And to further help, the file I used for the original load is here — check this to see the formatting I am looking for. (There are many duplicates in this file, as some folks appeared in more than one of the three blogrolls. This is OK, and fine if you send me a file as well — as long as the URL’s are identical the duplicate will be ignored).
If someone could send me a file like that which incorporates the “lefty blogrolls”, I could load it pretty quick. (And actually, if other communities want to do the same, I’ll load them too.)
Next issue: concerns about miscounts and misplacement of blogs on the list. Thus far, there have actually only been a few of these, which is great; hopefully that means the Ecosystem’s accuracy is fairly high. But I do welcome feedback if you think your weblog is being miscounted — just be as specific as you can describing what links you think are being missed and why. It’s usually because of a change in URL, or a host name that isn’t correct.
I will look at each of these issues, and attempt to fix them — but again, it may take a little time, so please be patient.
Which comes to the last point: I do want to implement a method for blog-owners to modify their own data, but haven’t gotten to it yet. This is going to be a higher priority than I had intended, because given the huge response, I do want to make it possible for folks to fix their own problems (else I’ll go nuts). But that probably won’t be until next weekend at least.
Anyway, thanks again to all who have linked and participated, and enjoy…