Ecosystem Update: The Lefty Invasion!

Ok folks, you asked for it, you got it. Well, some of you asked for it, anyway.
Last night I directly loaded the blogrolls of MaxSpeak, and The Rittenhouse Review into the Ecosystem. (Thanks to Josh — who can have a link here if he tells me what his weblog URL is — for doing the major work of pulling those lists and sending them to me in the right format).
What this means is that the Ecosystem has gone from about 450 blogs to now over 1,000. I must admit, I was a bit nervous to see if it would hold up under the strain: but somewhat to my surprise, it seems to have worked reasonably well.
So now, you’ll see major lefty Bloggers showing up high in the rankings, counterbalancing some of the warmongering righties that we all know and love.
Now, I was sure there were errors in the Ecosystem yesterday, and I’m twice as sure today. So I ask again for your help, and your patience: if you see a blog that looks wrong, by all means, let me know, and give me as much specific information as you can. But be aware that most of my heavy investigation time will come on the weekends, as I am doing the whole real-job thing.
And on that subject: I am going to be opening up the Ecosystem to be more of an open-source effort (tied directly in with WMDI) in the near future. So hopefully, I can get some help from folks interested in improving the code base, and adding features like “self-service” capabilities for people to fix their own data.
Anyway, that’s all for now: hope all you lefties are happy now! [And remember: nothing says “thank you” like a blogroll link! 🙂 ]
Oh, and by the way: I’m thinking about revamping the subcategories. Having over 75% of the weblogs on the list be classified as Insignificant Microbes seems a bit, well, cold. Thoughts? I’m thinking a percentage-scheme might make the most sense, so it expands as the list does. Top 0.1 percent = Higher Beings, Top 0.5 percent = Mortal Humans, something like that…