Note on Showcase Voting

Week two is off to a good start over at the thanks to all who are participating. The link-votes seem to be coming heavier this week as well, which is doubly great.
One important note that probably isn’t clear to those of you unfamiliar with the arcane details of how the Ecosystem gathers links (i.e., everyone but me). You can cast your votes by linking to contestant posts at any time during the week.
But: The only count that actually matters is the count Sunday night / Monday morning. If your votes have scrolled off your front page by then, they will not be counted!
I know this is a bit akward, but most folks keep at least a week on their front pages, so hopefully it’s not too big a deal. It’s pretty deep in the way the Ecosystem works, so there isn’t much chance of a change/fix on it anytime soon.
This concludes our morning public service announcement…