Showcase Results 11/24/03

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time. This week Anarchy Xero is the clear favorite on the political side, leading with 60 links. On the non-political side, a rather odd contest this week: Pepper of the Earth wins by acclaim as the only non-political entry for the week! Happily, Pepper seems to be a fine blog, so no harm done.
And yes, the League of Liberals is way out in front on the voting-participation contest, with 86.7% participation. Yawn.
Click Read More below for full results; complaints & protests accepted until 5pm PST as always…
Update: OK, it’s official: congrats to the winners!

Pepper of the Earth: 5ive Years in Reverse
( 10 links)

Anarchy Xero: Winding the Iraq Deathwatch
( 60 links)
Free Market Fairy Tales: Europe Hates America
( 29 links)
The New American Revolutionist: O.P.M. – The Congressional drug of choice
( 14 links)
This Lousy T-Shirt: The Stupidest Slumber Party Ever
( 6 links)
Hailey Xie\\\’s Journal: the boy flying like a roc
( 6 links)
Indirect Proof: Fair Game
( 5 links)
Jeebis!: Michael Jackson to Face Multiple Child Sex Charges
( 0 links)
Cavalier Attitude: Monday, November 17th
( 0 links)