(Late) Showcase Results

OK folks, sorry about the delay, but I’ve been kinda laid up. The jury remains out whether I had bronchitis, the flu, or just a nasty cold, but whatever it was, it had me out for the count for much of the last few days. Seem to be on the upswing now, though, so time to play catch-up.
Anyway, last week’s results have 17th in the lead in the non-political category for the eponymous post December 17th, which garnered 12 votes. In the political category, Flummery made a strong showing with 55 links for Howard Dean Says Something.
And in the Alliances contest, the Coalition remains on top, with 70.4 % participation.
Given that we’re late, I’ll accept feedback until tomorrow morning, after which results will be finalized. Thanks for your patience, and complete results are below…
Update 1/15: It’s official. Congrats to the winnners!

December 17th: December 17th
( 12 links)
Metastasis: “Proust in his first book wrote about, wrote about. . . .”
( 7 links)
The Greater Nomadic Council: Cool Customers: Part 2
( 6 links)
word gets around: my two cents
( 6 links)

Flummery: Howard Dean Says Something
( 54 links)
Go Dubya!: You’re Stupid
( 24 links)
exvigilare: MoveOn hasn’t earned the right to be angry.
( 18 links)
Celebrating the Third World in Pictures: Celebrating the Third World
( 9 links)
Canadian Headhunter: Ridiculous Business Books
( 5 links)
American Footprint: What’s Grosser Than Gross?
( 5 links)
Showcase Voting Participation
The Alliance of Free Blogs: 54 of 109 = 49.5 % participation
The Axis of Naughty: 0 of 23 = 0.0 % participation
The League of Liberals: 13 of 39 = 33.3 % participation
The Liberal Coalition: 19 of 27 = 70.4 % participation
The Blogdom of God: 3 of 76 = 3.9 % participation