Showcase Results 1/19/04

Not too many entries in this week’s Showcase. But here’s the results anyway.
is here is the uncontested winner in the non-political category, garnering 13 votes for Crows and ravens was yesterday’s theme. And in the political category, American Amnesia leads with 25 votes for Insurgency in Iraq – an assessment..
Update: Seems like there were some votes not counted. So: we’re keeping this open for feedback until 5pm Tuesday: please recheck today’s counts and let me know what was missed in specific…
On the alliances side, the The Liberal Coalition has a slight lead with 25.9% participation (slow week!).
Complaints & feedback will be accepted until 5pm PST after which results will be certified; click more for full results…
Folks: OK, I know this has been a horrible few weeks for the Showcase. The combination of illness on my part, real-work deadlines, and some unusually bad behavior on the vote-counting scripts has not added up to produce smooth-running contests. And this morning I find myself with yet another morning where I am scrambling to get to real-work, having gotten not-really-enough sleep and I still haven’t gotten to trying to address this week’s Showcase results.
So, two things. First: Next week, no Showcase. If you have already registered, don’t get excited, you can register again in a future week at some point. But until I get things back under control I want to take a week or two off here.
Second: I will try to address this past week’s results tonight. One issue is that I thought I posted this Monday — with an update later — but it turns out I neglected to flag it to a category, so it didn’t show up on the site. Particular apologies to Susie — I know you were trying to get me feedback, and the post with the 5pm Tuesday deadline didn’t actually show up here until 9pm Tuesday. My mistake.
Anyway. Bear with me for a bit more folks, and I’ll try to get this house back in order… thanks…

Showcase Voting Participation
The Alliance of Free Blogs: 24 of 113 = 21.2 % participation
The Axis of Naughty: 1 of 23 = 4.3 % participation
The League of Liberals: 7 of 39 = 17.9 % participation
The Liberal Coalition: 7 of 27 = 25.9 % participation
The Blogdom of God: 0 of 84 = 0.0 % participation
Ivy is here: Crows and ravens was yesterday’s theme.
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American Amnesia: Insurgency in Iraq – an assessment.
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c h a n d r a s u t r a: You’re Soaking in it
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The Temporal Globe: Cowcatchers Anonymous; Interview with a Terrorist.
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New World Blogger: Blogging: media responsibility
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