Don’t Mess With Pooh

ANGELES (Reuters): A California judge on Monday threw out a lawsuit that could have cost Walt Disney Co. (DIS) hundreds of millions of dollars from Winnie the Pooh product sales, saying Disney’s foes lied and stole evidence.
Stephen Slesinger Inc., the family firm suing Disney, “is dishonest and shows no remorse,” Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Charles McCoy wrote in his decision. He ruled that Slesinger’s actions threatened the integrity of the legal system and the 13-year-old case should be dismissed as punishment.

I’ll give you the straight scoop here: Pooh knows where the action is, and despite Eisner being unable to find his backside without assistance of the Hubble telescope, Disney is where the Benjamins are at. And Pooh is one bear who knows how to look out for himself.
So a bear whispers a word here, a suggestion there, and whamo — a friendly judge issues a ruling, and its bye-bye Mr. Slesinger, hello penthouse suite at the Grand Californian.
I’m tellin’ ya: don’t mess with Pooh.
PS – Yah, I know the Ecosystem is foobared. No, I don’t know what’s wrong. Yes, I know your details page shows one thing and the rankings shows another. No, I haven’t fixed it yet.