NZB on Northern Alliance Radio

I just called in and surprised Ed, John Hindraker, Scott Johnson, and Mitch Berg on Northern Alliance Radio. I started with a question on PowerLine’s latest news that Big Dan is heading to Dallas, and they not surprisingly had a few questions for me on the Ecosystem.
My first radio appearance, as it turns out, and a most enjoyable experience speaking to the fine Northern Alliance gentlemen. My only complaint is, as far as I know, the Northern Alliance doesn’t offer any online archives, so I can’t go back and listen to how silly I sounded…
Update: The Northern Alliance folks are now talking to Jed Babbin about his book, Inside the Asylum, which discusses the ongoing horror-comedy which is the United Nations. Jed’s position is that the U.N. can’t be saved, as we’d never get the votes needed to kick out the despot states that are the true problem. I’m right there with him; and have said many of the same things:
It would be possible to establish an international body that does not suffer from this flaw, of course. The basic requirement would be simple: to join the club, a nation must be a democracy, with truly free and fair elections, and in particular, membership must be requested directly by the people of that nation through a referendum (no EU-style communities of elites here).
Personally, I