Warbloggers vs. Space Nazis!

Here’s a blogging first, at least in my experience: use of a “blogger” as a main character in a science fiction novel:
“Ah! Hmm.” A thoughtful look creased the short guy’s face. “You a journalist, then?”
“No, I’m a warblogger,” Frank admitted, unsure whether to be irritated or flattered…
…”You’re a fucking anarchist, and your next drink’s on me, right?”
“Um.” Svengali sighed. “You’re making presumptions on my honesty, and I’ve only known you for five minutes, but I thank you from the bottom of my bitter and twisted little ventricles. What kind of blogger are you, to be giving precious alcohol away?”
“One who wants to get drunk as a skunk, in company. Hard fucking editorial, the copy fought back, and there are no politicians to beat up on until we get wherever it is that we’re going…”

That’s from Charles Stross’ fine novel, Sunrise, which I’m about halfway through and enjoying quite a bit.
Iron Sunrise is a sequel to Singularity Sky, which was also quite good; I recommend them both. Stross reminds me of Ken MacLeod at MacLeod’s better moments, with a bit of Iain Banks thrown in for good measure.
And did I mention that Iron Sunrise has Space Nazis? It’s true. Future-bloggers and Space Nazis — it’s got everything, I tell you.
Given that Iron Sunrise has a warblogger as a main character, it should be no surprise that Stross himself has a blog. Although I think we may have to hold a template design intervention for him sometime soon…