Whedon Succumbs to Hollywood Liberalitis

OK, I’m coming down from my high, and this is certainly helping to dampen my mood:

High Stakes 2004
Whedon Fans for John Kerry and John Edwards

In every four-year term there is a chosen one. He alone will face the American public, the United Nations, and the forces of darkness. He is the President.
The Kerry/Edwards campaign would like to invite everyone to host or attend parties across the nation to celebrate the genius of Joss Whedon and learn more about John Kerry and John Edwards. Mr. Whedon will calling to tell us about his latest exploits and why he is supporting John Kerry for President and John Edwards for Vice President.

Oh Joss. We love you, but how you disappoint.
I think this may be one of those ‘friends don’t let friends vote Kerry’ moments. Perhaps we devoted Buffy fans in the ‘sphere could schedule some kind of intervention? Meryl? Stephen?
PS: “He alone will face … the United Nations, and the forces of darkness.” Er, isn’t that redudnant?
Hat Tip: AintItCoolNews
Update: Upon further thought, I think we should do something about this.
Not to try to talk Joss out of his own political views; that’s his business. Nor would I want to interfere in any way with the ‘High Stakes’ Buffy parties — again, that’s his business and that of anybody who wants to participate in them.
But there’s nothing to say that we can’t provide an outlet for all those who love the Buffiverse and other such grand fantasies, but who think that Kerry is the second coming of The Mayor (just with less personality, but better teeth).
So how’s this for an idea: borrowing (ok, stealing) Meryl‘s past ‘Buffy Blogburst‘ concept, let’s plan a blogburst of Buffy- and Firefly- related posts explaining why our favorite characters would support Bush for re-election. Or oppose Kerry; that’s probably far more fun.
And since I’m so jazzed on Farscape this week: no reason not to extend the idea to any fictional characters.
I’ll throw out this Friday, October 22nd for a target date. If you’re interested in particpating, leave a comment here, and spread the word!
PS: And if this turns out to be one of those ideas of mine that goes *thud* on the ground and nobody picks up; well, who cares. I’m going to do a post myself on this theme anyway, so nyah.
P.P.S. You can’t have a Blogburst without a name. So how’s this: the Heroes for Bush Blogburst!